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Special Joint Commemorative Postage Stamps 

to honor the 70th anniversary of 

Gabriela Mistral's National Prize in Literature

NEW YORK, September 9th, 2021—To commemorate the 70th anniversary of Gabriela Mistral’s Chile’s National Prize in Literature—awarded to her in August 1951—CorreosChile and Correos de España will honor this important milestone with a Special Joint Commemorative Postage Stamp that will simultaneously go into circulation on September 9th, 2021. The Gabriela Mistral Foundation, Inc. is honored to have collaborated in this project, and grateful to the Philately Departments of CorreosChile and Spain for having extended to us, the invitation to collaborate in this initiative. The image on the stamp being issued by CorreosChile, is a watercolor artwork by US artist Nestor del Prado. Mr. del Prado created this work in 2012, and at that time, he generously assigned the rights of the artwork to the Gabriela Mistral Foundation, Inc.

Gloria Garafulich-Grabois, president of the Gabriela Mistral remarks: “During Gabriela’s lifetime, letters were the main form of communication—and, Gabriela Mistral was indeed a great letter-writer. As her epistolary archives show, throughout her life and from different corners of the world, she corresponded with her family, former students, friends and the great intellectuals of her time.  For centuries, letter writing was the only efficient form of communication, most unfortunately, as technology and fast communications improve, the art of letter writing has greatly decreased. We must be grateful of the fact that Mistral was a prolific letter writer, as it is by reading her letters that we get to know not only Gabriela, but Lucila—the woman from Elqui—, her world as she writes about in her letters. Her letters, are now treasures—and we should always treasure them as such. This well-deserved recognition of Gabriela Mistral, also highlights the strong bond between Chile and Spain, a project with one goal: to honor a most outstanding woman—whose life, work and thought—are as relevant today as they were during her lifetime. We also hope that this new stamp can serve as an incentive for children to learn more about Gabriela Mistral, and also as an introduction to the world of philately—a way of travelling the world, of learning about the cultures of faraway lands. We also hope that this new stamp will encourage them to start writing letters—as a letter at first is a form of communication, but in time it becomes a treasure “our treasure.”  We express our deep gratitude to everyone who made this possible, and most specially we thank: Ms. Ljubica Günther and Mr. Mauricio Navarro of Correos de Chile and Ms. Antonia Palacios of Correos de España. Throughout the process they demonstrated great professionalism and expertise in the Philatelic area.”


Special Presentation of the Gabriela Mistral's Postage Stamps
to the First Lady of Chile, Mrs. Cecilia Morel

On September 22, 2021, Gabriela Mistral Foundation, Inc and CorreosChile presented the special postage stamps issued by Chile and Spain to the First Lady, Mrs. Cecilia Morel. Also in attendance was the Minister of Cultures, the Arts and Patrimony, Mrs. Consuelo Valdes; representatives of CorreosChile: Ms. Carol Pacheco, Mrs. Ljubica Günther and Mr. Mauricio Navarro; and  from the Chilean Philatelic Society, Mr. Martin Urrutia. Mr. Nestor del Prado, artist/creator of the artwork "Gabriela Mistral" (watercolor) and Mrs. Gloria Garafulich-Grabois, president of the Gabriela Mistral Foundation, Inc. joined the presentation via Zoom.

At the presentation, the First Lady, Mrs. Cecilia Morel thanked both, CorreosChile and Correos de España, as well as the Gabriela Mistral Foundation, Inc., and Mr. Nestor del Prado, the artist that created the image that is on the Chilean seal, for the initiative for this Special Postage Stamp that commemorates the National Prize in Literature that Chile awarded to her in 1951.  Mrs. Morel also spoke about the importance that Gabriela Mistral for Chile and the world, her relevance in today’s world, and her inspiring figure and work. She also hoped that such beautiful Postage Seals may encourage people to write letters again as it is always a great joy to receive a handwritten note or letter. She thanked the Gabriela Mistral Foundation, Inc. for the commitment to continue to promote Mistral in Chile and the world, as well as the humanitarian and social work that they do to benefit those in need.

The Minister of Cultures, the Arts and Patrimony of Chile, Mrs. Consuelo Valdes, noted that as someone who has had an interest and has been a stamp collector, she greatly appreciates and values this special Postage Stamps, that are very important for collectors, but that are also part of our daily lives, although nowadays letter writing is not as common.  She also thanked everyone that took part in this initiative.

Mr. Nestor del Prado, expressed his gratitude for the honor of having his work  selected to be on the Chilean Postage Stamp and thanked the Gabriela Mistral Foundation, Inc., for having proposed his work to CorreosChile.

Ms. Carol Pacheco and Ms. Lubjica Günther of CorreosChile, related the process that both entities—CorreosChile and Correos de España—went through, working together and collaborating with the Gabriela Mistral Foundation, Inc. Ms. Pacheco presented each attendee with a special folder prepared for this occasion with the both postage stamps, brochure and envelopes that were especially designed for this special postage stamp.

The Gabriela Mistral Foundation, Inc. presented a framed enlarged postage stamp for Sala Gabriela Mistral.



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