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The Gabriela Mistral Foundation, Inc. carries on the legacy of Gabriela Mistral, particularly, her love and care for the children and seniors of her native country, Chile.

For this purpose, the Foundation promotes and celebrates the life and work of the poet's literary and humanitarian achievements by holding programs and events, and, by providing support to organizations that make an impact in the quality of life and opportunities of those in need.

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2021 Activities


It is with great pleasure that we share the news that on the occasion of the celebration of the  centenary of providing electricity to millions of people in Santiago, the capital of Chile, "Enel Distribución" wished to present a very special and long lasting gift to the community REVOLUZ 100 --a cultural and educational project that consists in a multimedia website that is a journey through our history in the last century, highlighting how life has changed, in practically every aspect, from the most routine tasks to the most transcendental activities.

To visit REVOLUZ100 please click on this image

The Board of Directors of the Gabriela Mistral Foundation, Inc. is most honored and grateful to Enel Distribución and ProCultura for having invited us to collaborate in this important cultural and educational project and congratulates everyone who contributed and worked to make this project a reality.

To view a short video presentation of REVOLUZ100
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To view a short video presentation of REVOLUZ100 evening of lights please click here
For more information about REVOLUZ100
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50th anniversary of the Gabriela Mistral Museum
76th anniversary of Gabriela Mistral's Nobel Prize
For more information and to watch a short video presentation please click here
Video in Commemoration of the Death of Gabriela Mistral (2021)
The Gabriela Mistral Foundation, Inc.
celebrates International Women's Day
and the legacy of Gabriela Mistral

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To enjoy the video recording of the concert  
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With great pleasure we present our project 
Gabriela Mistral
in the languages of the World

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