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Mrs. Cecilia Morel Montes

First Lady of the Republic of Chile

visits the 

Gabriela Mistral Campus in Corona, New York

On Saturday, September 22, 2018, the Gabriela Mistral Campus in Corona, New York

was honored to receive the visit of 

Mrs. Cecilia Morel Montes

First Lady of the Republic of Chile



On a beautiful, sunny and warm Saturday morning, the community of the Gabriela MIstral Campus, warmly received the visit of Mrs. Cecilia Morel Montes, the First Lady of the Republic of Chile.


Mrs. Morel was welcomed by the authorities of the New York City Board of Education:


Mr. Lawrence Pendergast, Executive Superintendent Queens North;

Mrs. Madelene Chan, District Superintendent;

Mrs. Beth Hert, Principal of the Gabriela Mistral Campus;

Mrs. Amanda Gardner and Mr. Kujtim Daliposki Vice-Principals of the Gabriela Mistral Campus; Members of the staff and the Parent Teacher Association

and a group of Student Ambassadors.


Also in attendance were:

Ambassador Milenko Skoknic, Permanent Representative of Chile to the United Nations;

Hon. Francisco del Campo, Consul General of Chile in New York;

Francisca Bachelet, Trade Commissioner of Chile in NY;

Beatriz Marinello, Member of the GMF's Honorary Board;

Eugenio Echeverria, General Manager of Banco Estado, NY;

Manuelita Cody, President of the North American Chilean Chamber of Commerce

and other local authorities and guests.


A group of over  200 people attended this special event which also marked the celebration of the Second Anniversary of the inauguration of the Gabriela Mistral Campus and the closing event of the Tenth Anniversary of the Gabriela Mistral Foundation.


The visit included a tour of the Campus: Gabriela Mistral Library; Gymnasium; Dance Room, with a special performance by 4 dance students; various classrooms, followed by a ceremony that included a special performance by the School's Band; a poetry reading of a Mistral poem in English and Spanish by Yanfer Polanco Peña and Nicole Rodriguez; the presentation of a piece of art work entitled "The Jewel of Corona" done by students: Thalia Fernandez, Sergio Lopez and Adriana Sanchez to the First Lady; a presentacion of a plaque of a Mistral prose to the First Lady and a donation being done in collaboration with the Office of the First Lady. There were remarks by Mrs. Cecilia Morel, Mrs. Beth Hert, Ms. Madelene Chan and Mrs. Gloria Garafulich-Grabois. 


Upon arrival to the Campus, Mrs. Morel was welcome by an "esquinazo" by Chilean dancers: Javiera Yañez  and Luis Millapán and the group "Expresiones de Chile," under the direction of Mr. Herdan Nilo.


On this occassion the Gabriela Mistral Foundation, presented the First Lady with a special gift to be installed at the  Gabriela Mistral Salon at La Moneda Palace--a plaque with the text of Gabriela Mistral's prose "The pleasure of Serving." 


A most special thank you to Ms. Beth Hert and all the students, staff and parents of the Gabriela Mistral Campus for their outstanding work; to Ms. Jennifer Shannon, School Librarian who worked closely with the students; to Mr. Stephen Souza, band director for the dedication and long hours of practice which resulted in an wonderful performance; to Mrs. Meredith Coen for her dedication to working with the students who created the art work; and to Mrs. to Mrs. Gardner for her hard work and for bringing the school mascot "Elvis"--a beautiful and friendly hound--to be a part of celebration as well. 


A reception for all the guests followed.


* * * * 


Students of the Gabriela Mistral Campus

speak about Gabriela Mistral

The Band of the Gabriela Mistral Campus performs for the First Lady of Chile


SEPTEMBER 22, 2018

Photo Sep 22, 9 08 13 AM_edited.jpg

Photo Sep 22, 9 08 13 AM_edited.jpg



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