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2017, the year that marks the 50th anniversary

of the publications of Gabriela Mistral's "Poema de Chile,"

and it is also the year when, as of January 2017, Chile has suffered the most devastating fires in its history which have destroyed over 500,000 hectares of native forests in many regions of the country and more than 1500 homes.

More than 5000 people lost not only their homes, but also their livelyhoods. 

During this catastrophic time, the firefighters of Chile, who in their majority are volunteers, fought the flames night and day, most times not being able to see neither the sky, nor the sun, nor the moon or the stars, but only smoke all around.

In February 2017, our the Gabriela Mistral Foundation, Inc. sent a donation of equipment and clothing to the

Fire Department in Concepción, that serves 10 communities, valued at over US$25,000.


Continuing with our mission to help, we must continue to work towards being able to send another donation to

benefit other fire departments in rural areas who had little, lost it all and now need everything.


We invite you to join our efforts by attending the Chile Fires Relief Fund Concert

"Celebrating Chile ⏤ Helping Chile"

Performance by "Quartet for Chile," under the direction of 

Ramón Catalán, director and composer

 to be held in New York City at the prestigious National Arts Club


Presented by the Gabriela Mistral Foundation, Inc

in collaboration with

Di Mondo & the North American Chilean Chamber of Commerce


You can make your Tax-Deductible Donation of $100.00 per person

online by clicking the red button below

or, by check payable to:

Gabriela Mistral Foundation, Inc. - Ansonia Station, P.O. Box 230177 - New York, NY 10023


Reception after the concert


RSVP a must!

Business attire - Invitation will follow






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