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Celebrating our first ten years



The impact and importance that Gabriela Mistral continues to have in all corners of the world --for both, her literary and humanitarian work-- as well as Gabriela Mistral Foundation's mission to promote her work and thought and to continue her legacy, prompted the desire to publish this book as part of the commemorative celebrations of 70th anniversary of her Nobel Prize in Literature in 1945.


The book--a side by side bilingual edition--is published under the auspices of the Gabriela Mistral Foundation, Inc. and highlights the importance of Gabriela Mistral's Nobel Prize for Chile, for Latin America and for women writers. It  allows readers of the Spanish and English languages to meet and rediscover Gabriela Mistral.


The book includes the following sections: Introduction; Poetry; Prose; a collection of essays by important contributors, Afterword; References and photographs. The selection of poetry and prose is representative of the work of Gabriela that had been published up until the time of the Nobel Prize.


This project is a publication of the Gabriela Mistral Foundation, Inc.--all proceeds will benefit the programmes and projects of the Foundation.


We are deeply grateful to the Gabriela Mistral Foundation, Inc., for having accepted our proposal and invitation to publish this book; to the Elqui Valley Foundation for their generous support, and to all who have participated and supported this initiative: contributors, sponsors, collaborators.  







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